My Journey to a Healthy Weight and Life!

{April 17, 2009}   Just a quick post

Hi all, just to let you know that I have not crawled under a rock somewhere.  I have just gotten super busy as my life sometimes get.  I am helping my mom with some of her doctor’s appointments.  Helping my mother in law with my sister in law who has mucked up her finances and housing royally.  I have been attempting to help my husband when all that is not going on to gear up and organize himself for finals.  And just been being a mom as best I can.  I have fallen off of my diet and keeping track of my food journal.  Going to have to go back to paper and such till I can go back and get the time to do it at the computer everyday.  The mission is to make myself realize I need to take back control.  I do this.  I feel that everyone needs my help and I forget to say when.  Enough.  I need to do me now today.   I do this though and this is part of that lifestyle change that needs to occur.  I know that many people think this is all about food, but it is how we use and see and feel food.  If that does not make sense, think about when you are super hunger or super upset, what food related thing goes through your head.  Is is I want chocolate, or ice cream or mash potatoes or soda?  Think about it.  What you using that food to do to you or for you.  I may be making mistakes, but I am also making amazing discoveries.  Straight from my mouth last night as I was drinking like 24 oz of soda (I felt I was having a bad day) I said to my husband, “This is my drug of choice!”  And I don’t even know what promoted that statement, but the message was profound.  Think about this.  I used to drink a two liter a day of soda or more and not even think about it, I always felt stressed or tired.  And now that I have been slipping into bad habits this last couple of weeks, a statement like that.  It is not the only thing I am realizing, but yet an awesome insight into myself none the less.  I do have a short video I hope to post this weekend.  It is my weigh in for April 11th, Good Friday.  So hope you all are doing well.  Remember leave me a comment and I promise to get back with you.  Smile this is the last chance that you get at this second then it is gone never to return again.  Don’t waste your time, strive, thrive and feel alive.  =D


Hi all I recently watched a video on youtube dicussing food addiction.  I have to say that what was being said really made sense to me.  So I wanted to give you the link to that video.  I will not post the video on this blog as it is not my content, but I do believe that it has some great information.  I also have something to say on the issue and so this video is sort of what I think of food addiction and how I agree.  =D

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