My Journey to a Healthy Weight and Life!

Okay so yesterday I sort of was not the verygood. And my attitude needed a big adjustment.  I had to find some inspiration and some good old fashion butt kicking.  I found that last night and have since recovered from yesterday’s disappointment and discouragement.  I really do not understand why I expected this to happen faster. It is not like I have set down a routine for working out or even found exercises, right now I am just adding activities to my daythat I do and see how much that I am burning there.  I will be working on stepping thta up in the next couple of weeks since I am starting to feel better and have more energy.  I do hope that too will take the time to find out whta  you are doing before you start making changes, it is really helpful to keep a journal and see what it is that you are and are not doing.   I hope that this post helps, I will be trying to go back on the calender at this site and add what is was I was doing before I started making the changes.


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