My Journey to a Healthy Weight and Life!

Hello and welcome to my blog on my journey to healthier happy body and life.  I would love to introduce myself and a little bit about my who I am.

My name is Genevieve and I am a wife and mother.  I have been married for the last ten years to my wonderful husband, John.  We have a beautiful set of boy/girl twins.  We also have a cat who plays fetch and a dog that is afraid of vaccums, brooms and blow driers.

I have been over weight my for almost my whole life.  I can remember starting to gain weight and be aware that I was bigger than the other kids when I was about six.  I come from a family that has weight problems and most of my family is over weight. 

I also suffer from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.  It affects your horomones and has many symptoms that reck havoc on your body.  I have the dark spots from hormones on my face.  I have hair in places you don’t want it.  I suffer from horrible periods.  Just to name a few.  I also suffer from insulin resistance.  And it causes me to gain weight like crazy. 

One of the things that has affected this recently was getting pregnant with my twins.  I had to use fertility treatments to get pregnant.  During that time the doctors warned me that getting pregnant could change my PCOS and make it work differently in my body, either for the good or worse.  It did have an affect and has caused me to gain alot of weight since my twins were born. 

It has been a five year path to get to this weight after the twins were born.   And while their special needs and preterm births have caused much change in our lives it is now time for me to fight for my life.  I am on the journey to get past this weight. 

I will be doing this with whole foods, lifestyle changes and I am sure that I will have set backs.  No matter what it is though this blog will be a place for all to see.  I am going to be video taping the whole thing and sharing some of those videos here.

It is my goal to get healthy and happy and share with others what is working and not working for me.  To share my goals and heartaches.  To encourage and empower others.  =D


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