My Journey to a Healthy Weight and Life!

{March 21, 2011}   Time to renew this blog.

Well I have been absent from this blog for a really long time.  So what could keep me away for so very long.  Well first I there is always my kids.  But one of the biggest developments was that I got pregnant.  That was not something that was supposed to be able to happen.  Make a long story short.  I should have been able to been struck by lightening and win the lotto on the same day, before that would be possible.  The power of raw foods and changing my diet.   While the news was awesome and joyous.  It was a very hard time and quite an ordeal.  I never have been known for doing anything easy. 

So here we are now.  The baby is 7 and 1/2 months, 6 if you correct for prematurity.  It is time to get back into taking care of me.  So this blog will be updated as I hope at least three times a week.

I got a great work out tonight.  Listened to some great music, lifted some weights and just got myself moving.  I also got some greens in to me.  It was wonderful.

I so do hope that you will enjoy reading these posts coming up and that they will inspire and encourage others to just go for it.  Life is to short, live it like today is the only day you have to get done whatever it is that you want. 

Smiles to all of you.  =D


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