My Journey to a Healthy Weight and Life!

{June 24, 2009}   Holistic Body Makeover says check out Longevity Now


I know I have been gone for a while now and I apoligize for that.  I will be returning to my videos and posting soon.  My sister in law passed away and we have all been having a very hard time with this.  So please bare with me. 

I have been doing alot of research on nutrition while  I have been away though.  And I have come to love David Wolfe.  I believe he really has a very powerful message and knows alot about what he talks about.  Not to mention he practices what he preaches so to speak.  I have read his book with Shazzie called Naked Chocolate and am now reading The Sun Food Diet.  Both have marvelous information. 

I believe that I will be transitioning to a full raw diet soon.  I have already gotten my intake to about 70% so far.  If you are not fimilar with a raw food diet then please look up some of David’s videos on youtube.  Or just type in raw food and you will find some great information on this life changing intake of food. 

However I have gotten on here today to let you know that David is coming out with a new product that I believe is going to change the life and health of so many people.  We have been miss informed of how to take care of our bodies for so long.  David has uncovered these misinformations for us and has put a package together to help us change those things and feel better and live better.  Check out this video on Immunity!


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