My Journey to a Healthy Weight and Life!

{March 21, 2011}   Time to renew this blog.

Well I have been absent from this blog for a really long time.  So what could keep me away for so very long.  Well first I there is always my kids.  But one of the biggest developments was that I got pregnant.  That was not something that was supposed to be able to happen.  Make a long story short.  I should have been able to been struck by lightening and win the lotto on the same day, before that would be possible.  The power of raw foods and changing my diet.   While the news was awesome and joyous.  It was a very hard time and quite an ordeal.  I never have been known for doing anything easy. 

So here we are now.  The baby is 7 and 1/2 months, 6 if you correct for prematurity.  It is time to get back into taking care of me.  So this blog will be updated as I hope at least three times a week.

I got a great work out tonight.  Listened to some great music, lifted some weights and just got myself moving.  I also got some greens in to me.  It was wonderful.

I so do hope that you will enjoy reading these posts coming up and that they will inspire and encourage others to just go for it.  Life is to short, live it like today is the only day you have to get done whatever it is that you want. 

Smiles to all of you.  =D


{July 31, 2009}   Exciting, exciting, exciting

Well I was going to be busy this summer, but I some how let the whole “well when this happens then I will get back to it”.  The “well when…”  is something I am working on.  I created a video over a month ago and yet I have still not published that.  I really do wish to have myself shooting for my goals again.   So I will be doing just that.  It is my goal that I will be making a post at least twice a week here. 

Also it is my intent to make sure that one post a week be research of the nutrition information that I finding out.  Also with the links to where I am finding my information.  New exciting and expanding.  All is well blessings to all.


Enjoy this video from Abraham Hicks just click here



I know I have been gone for a while now and I apoligize for that.  I will be returning to my videos and posting soon.  My sister in law passed away and we have all been having a very hard time with this.  So please bare with me. 

I have been doing alot of research on nutrition while  I have been away though.  And I have come to love David Wolfe.  I believe he really has a very powerful message and knows alot about what he talks about.  Not to mention he practices what he preaches so to speak.  I have read his book with Shazzie called Naked Chocolate and am now reading The Sun Food Diet.  Both have marvelous information. 

I believe that I will be transitioning to a full raw diet soon.  I have already gotten my intake to about 70% so far.  If you are not fimilar with a raw food diet then please look up some of David’s videos on youtube.  Or just type in raw food and you will find some great information on this life changing intake of food. 

However I have gotten on here today to let you know that David is coming out with a new product that I believe is going to change the life and health of so many people.  We have been miss informed of how to take care of our bodies for so long.  David has uncovered these misinformations for us and has put a package together to help us change those things and feel better and live better.  Check out this video on Immunity!

{April 17, 2009}   Just a quick post

Hi all, just to let you know that I have not crawled under a rock somewhere.  I have just gotten super busy as my life sometimes get.  I am helping my mom with some of her doctor’s appointments.  Helping my mother in law with my sister in law who has mucked up her finances and housing royally.  I have been attempting to help my husband when all that is not going on to gear up and organize himself for finals.  And just been being a mom as best I can.  I have fallen off of my diet and keeping track of my food journal.  Going to have to go back to paper and such till I can go back and get the time to do it at the computer everyday.  The mission is to make myself realize I need to take back control.  I do this.  I feel that everyone needs my help and I forget to say when.  Enough.  I need to do me now today.   I do this though and this is part of that lifestyle change that needs to occur.  I know that many people think this is all about food, but it is how we use and see and feel food.  If that does not make sense, think about when you are super hunger or super upset, what food related thing goes through your head.  Is is I want chocolate, or ice cream or mash potatoes or soda?  Think about it.  What you using that food to do to you or for you.  I may be making mistakes, but I am also making amazing discoveries.  Straight from my mouth last night as I was drinking like 24 oz of soda (I felt I was having a bad day) I said to my husband, “This is my drug of choice!”  And I don’t even know what promoted that statement, but the message was profound.  Think about this.  I used to drink a two liter a day of soda or more and not even think about it, I always felt stressed or tired.  And now that I have been slipping into bad habits this last couple of weeks, a statement like that.  It is not the only thing I am realizing, but yet an awesome insight into myself none the less.  I do have a short video I hope to post this weekend.  It is my weigh in for April 11th, Good Friday.  So hope you all are doing well.  Remember leave me a comment and I promise to get back with you.  Smile this is the last chance that you get at this second then it is gone never to return again.  Don’t waste your time, strive, thrive and feel alive.  =D

Hi all I recently watched a video on youtube dicussing food addiction.  I have to say that what was being said really made sense to me.  So I wanted to give you the link to that video.  I will not post the video on this blog as it is not my content, but I do believe that it has some great information.  I also have something to say on the issue and so this video is sort of what I think of food addiction and how I agree.  =D

Hi all, sorry that I have not posted recently.  Had to get my attitude in alignment, then got sick with changing my diet to much and going back and forth.  This video discusses the things I needed to focus on and not the fact that is was only a pound.  By the way I am the only one that has looked at my weight loss this way.   Everyone else says that I expect the impossible from myself.  So anyway.  Enjoy!

Okay so yesterday I sort of was not the verygood. And my attitude needed a big adjustment.  I had to find some inspiration and some good old fashion butt kicking.  I found that last night and have since recovered from yesterday’s disappointment and discouragement.  I really do not understand why I expected this to happen faster. It is not like I have set down a routine for working out or even found exercises, right now I am just adding activities to my daythat I do and see how much that I am burning there.  I will be working on stepping thta up in the next couple of weeks since I am starting to feel better and have more energy.  I do hope that too will take the time to find out whta  you are doing before you start making changes, it is really helpful to keep a journal and see what it is that you are and are not doing.   I hope that this post helps, I will be trying to go back on the calender at this site and add what is was I was doing before I started making the changes.

Okay so yesterday was my second weigh in.  So what was it.  Well I will let you see for yourself and the video following is my reaction.


And my reaction.

{March 27, 2009}   My kids want a turn too. LOL.

I did this video because my twins just wanted to be on here so bad.  So after them being good and letting me make my other two videos, I did one just for them.  I think that it turned out great and they are just too cute, but I am biased.  =D


Okay so we all know that we need exercise, but are we really getting it.  Or are you thinking that you are being lazy.  Well I am here to tell you that you should find out.  How many calories are you burning everyday.  A little or a lot.  I am found that Iwas burning more than I thought and that exercise can come in a lot of different places, but also that I could be doing a lot more.  I want you to get it in your head that you should be moving.  You cna do anything, but you need to be moving.  Walk in place during commercials, wiggle your foot while reading, lift your toes while typing,  just do something that gets you in a mind to keep going. 


et cetera